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Creative digital projects powered by data, that’s what s³arch delivers.  Whether it’s a Website, Data Visualisation or Marketing Campaign, crunching the data assists our clients to understand their target audience.

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Our Story.

Sequence³ Architecture (or S³arch for short) is a business named after our approach to all digital projects.  Design.  Build.  Innovate.  Each step is crucial to ensure your idea becomes an online reality.

With over twenty-five years experience in development and analysis, combined with design influences hailed from a misspent youth in local videogame arcades.  S³arch utilise expert market research data and incorporate it with our own digital flair.


Understanding your business or brand is the first key step for a successful website.  This research data drives our design, with focus on keywords, UX and well written content.  We start with a friendly conversation which can be had via any of our social media or communication channels.  To make things easy, we even created an online form which asks all the questions we need to know.


S³arch use creative flair and the latest techniques to ensure your website is fully responsive and search engine ready.

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Adapting to changes in the marketplace is a great way of staying ahead of your competition.  As your business evolves, so does the design, S³arch prides itself on repeat business, so check in for a website freshen up!

Every great relationship starts with a conversation.  Let us find out more about you and the design services you are looking for.