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Sure. You can use DIY website builders to make a pretty site. But if you really want to stand out, you better step this way...


With over twenty years experience and an unhealthy relationship with caffeine and 16-Bit Gaming, I am the digital equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife, offering tools to assist with a wide range of projects.

Sequence three architecture (or S3arch for short) is my creative outlet for all things Web.  My big passion is working with new ideas and helping people get the most out of them.  Whether you are an established entity online or a net rookie, I strive to inject freshness into your online goals. I undertake all types of project from the small to the large, working with set timescales and budget to deliver unrivalled bang for your buck.


Being freelance my clients benefit by better design rates without forfeiting quality. I work with all types of people including SME’s, Clubs, Societies and Private Customers.


Html, CSS, WordPress, Php, Java, Photoshop, AfterEffects, Python, Android Studio, xCode (iOS), SQL, UI/UX Design, Data Analysis, Big Data & Street Fighter II (Championship Edition).

Professional CV available upon request.


Absolutely.  I work with a wide range of hosting companies from across the globe. have a developer relationship with powerful Danish Servers E-Mail & Web Hosting packages are available with tailored support and the ability to integrate with subscription services like Microsoft 365.

Absolutely!  I ask that a small attribution is placed on the footer of your Website but it’s not mandatory.  The end product is free to do whatever you want with.

All published projects are the ownership of the client.  Non-Disclosure Agreements can also be agreed upon request.

A customer support experience like no other. Clients can benefit from a one-to-one working experience.  Communicate directly via WhatsApp, Hangouts or Phone.  I offer support packages for your project, or competitive rates for additional work.

How to start your journey?

Working with me is easy.  My “build a quote” form, allows me to assess your project, the work involved and provide you with a price for the work.  I can advise on the size of a project and if necessary, acquire additional resource amongst my network of friendly developers. This approach allows me to keep my prices affordable.