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Excel can be an excellent tool for managing large data files, running reports, organising projects, financial information and a great deal more. However, Excel can also be intimidating, complex and confusing with so many features and tools to use. S3arch provide solutions to assist with data analysis, statistics, visualization, while building pragmatic solutions to common business problems.

One of the benefits of using Excel and having your spreadsheets designed well from the beginning is that once data/information is entered into, or imported into Excel, the same spreadsheet can serve many functions. In many cases we can set up your spreadsheet so your users can modify it as needed. This allows your staff to be more productive and saves your company valuable time and money.

In addition to Excel, we also provide big data reports and Database solutions.


  • Pivot Table Reporting
  • Macro Operations
  • Report Automation
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Tables
  • Database Solutions
  • SFTP/FTP Delivery
  • Big Data