Data insights.

A website is your best tool to promote your brand to a worldwide audience.  Analytics helps you ensure you are getting the right kind of traffic. Sequence³ provide custom Google Analytics services covering the following principles.


Visitors that leave after a single page view are considered a 'bounce'. Analytics uncover the reasons and help Sequence³ improve your website.


Utilising the search console, we identify the right keywords, find the correct placements and enhance the visibility of your website.


Set business goals for geographical areas with location-specific marketing campaigns.

Goal Monitoring.

With your potential customers identified, analytics will monitor and set marketing goals.

right channels.

Identification of the right channels and social media platforms to market your business.


Measure the visitor activity on your website. Segmenting helps you learn a lot about your users and target them more effectively.


Let Sequence³ convert your data into an easy to understand visual journey. Our data visualisation services simplify large data sets by presenting them in high quality interactive graphs. The insights uncovered, allow us to build a narrative and present the findings to your chosen audience.


Data storytelling utilises data to create new insights that assist decision making or actions.  Partnering visualisations with an absorbing story assists the audience on understanding and retaining key points.

Curious disabled female student sitting in wheelchair and using computer while studying online


Understanding your audience and the goals you wish to achieve allows Sequence³ to build stories that resonate.
Programming code written on glassy board, African IT support operator in headset answering call and using computer in background

Quality Data.

We collect creditable data with verifiable sources to ensure our story’s are truthful representations.

Business report. Graphs and charts. Business reports and pile of documents. Business concept.

Good Visuals.

Easy to understand Graphs and Charts which are relevant to the narrative of the story.